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Chiwda Mixture

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MRP of 1 Pack- 5/-
Quantity- 400Pcs per Bag

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Welcome to the world of flavor-packed goodness with our delightful Chiwda Mixture! At Khushbu Namkeen, we’ve perfected the art of creating a snack that embodies the essence of traditional Indian snacking. Our Chiwda Mixture is a harmonious blend of crispy poha (flattened rice), roasted nuts, aromatic spices, and a dash of tangy goodness. With every bite, you’ll experience the perfect balance of textures and tastes, making it an ideal choice for your tea-time cravings, movie nights, or anytime you desire a crunchy and savory treat. Join us in savoring the rich heritage and irresistible flavors of our Chiwda Mixture – it’s a snacking experience like no other!

MRP of 1 Pack- 5/-
Quantity- 400Pcs per Bag


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