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Chowmine fryums are typically made from a blend of wheat flour, spices, and seasonings that capture the essence of chow mein. They are shaped into small, crispy noodles or noodle-like forms that are perfect for snacking. Priced at just 5 rupees per packet, they are a cost-effective choice for those seeking a quick and economical snack option.

These fryums can be enjoyed straight out of the packet as a crispy and savory snack, or you can deep-fry them for an extra crunch. Whether you’re craving a tasty and budget-conscious treat or looking to add a unique twist to your snack collection, chowmine fryums offer a delicious and affordable way to enjoy the flavors of chow mein in a convenient snack form.

MRP of 1 Pack – 5/-
Quantity – 168

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