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Maha Pack

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MRP of 1 pack- 5/-
Quantity- 168Pcs per bag

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“Maha Pack Tangy Peri Peri Puff” is a delightful and affordable snack specially crafted to cater to the taste buds of children. These puffs combine the fun of snacking with an exciting burst of tangy peri peri flavor, making them a hit among kids of all ages.
Priced at just 5 rupees per pack, Maha Pack Tangy Peri Peri Puffs are a budget-conscious option for parents looking to satisfy their children’s snack cravings. Whether enjoyed as an after-school treat, during playtime, or as a quick bite, these puffs offer a wallet-friendly and flavorful snacking experience designed to delight the young ones.

MRP of 1 pack- 5/-
Quantity- 168Pcs per bag

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